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The product

Strategic. Independent. Pragmatic.

The Macleod Institute analyzes economic, environmental and social programs to produce practical, workable results. Our experience at the most senior levels of government and corporations provides a broad strategic context for our analysis and program evaluations.

The results

Impartial. Unbiased. Actionable.

We design and employ a range of performance measures and data collection instruments to produce compelling recommendations and feasible, on-the-ground solutions.

Tools and techniques include
  • risk assessment
  • qualitative analysis
  • focus groups
  • process mapping
  • case studies
  • cost-benefit
  • logic models
  • quantitative
  • web-based surveys
  • document analysis
  • theory-of-change
  • Choosing appropriate tools, we capture the essence from a sometimes bewildering array of opinion and fact. Our results are unbiased and presented in clear, unambiguous language.

    The benefits

    We deliver thorough analysis with strong actionable recommendations. Learn what's important. What works and why. Identify roadblocks that get in the way of results. And focus on what's needed to break through the impasse.

    The benefits of our evaluations are immediate and concrete:

    • more effective methods to deliver programs
    • improved allocation of valuable resources
    • redirection to focus on target markets
    • a clearly articulated plan forward


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