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The product

Business today is not static - it is constantly changing. Every organization, from large corporations to government agencies and NGOs, must accept and adopt contemporary policies and programs in order to seize new opportunities and make a difference to its stakeholders.

The Macleod Institute develops pragmatic policies and effective programs that spur internal innovation and address regulatory forces to meet the needs of external stakeholders.

We focus on emergent issues across a broad spectrum of fields. These include corporate governance, social policy, and economic and environmental management, in addition to leading edge management practices that incorporate current advances in science and technology.

Our tools and processes:

  • strategic needs assessment and situation analysis
  • rigorous definition of desired outcomes
  • comparative scan of national and international practices
  • expert review of literature and legislative instruments
  • case studies
  • key informant and group interviews
  • focus groups
  • public consultation
The results

The Macleod Institute delivers practical, results-based policies, programs and action plans. Performance measurement strategies are integrated with operational blueprints. These are complemented by thorough guidelines and procedures that provide clear, at-a-glance comprehension to ensure successful delivery and implementation.

The benefits

Our grounded policy and strategic action plans are independent, informed and candid. We turn information into insight and insight into strategies - strategies that enable our clients to build and sustain competitive advantage in a changing and challenging marketplace.


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