Since 1995, the Macleod Institute has established a reputation for fairness, insight and impartiality in both the public and private sectors. The reason lies in the strength and composition of our Institute. Our project teams draw on seasoned professionals from the highest levels of the corporate, government and academic spheres.

Each assignment is unique, so we begin - always - with a blank slate. There is no off-the-shelf answer for our teams. Rather, we tailor the team in depth of knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of the project.

The primary focus of the Macleod Institute is program evaluations, environmental management (including cumulative effects and climate change), and performance benchmarking. Services include research, analysis and interpretation; extensive peer and literature reviews; policy/program design and development; business process transformation, and strategic management advice.

The Macleod Institute is an independent Institute, affiliated with and located at the University of Calgary.

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